6 Holiday Season Decorating Tips To Make Your Home Achieve A Festive Look

Paint your home

Start off with painting your living room and dining room with a vibrant colour for this season. Do not hesitate to try a different shade. You can also do trial visuals online with brands such as Dulux and Asian Paints, which have online apps to let you visualise your room even before you apply the paint. Painting the walls is one of the best ways to give a fresh look to your home.

Centre of attraction

Living area is the focus of your home. Use an attractive centre showpiece and build your living room around it. You could choose from an ancient painting or a life-size classic vase for the room and then have cushions that match the centre piece's colour or pattern. This selection should be based on the size of your room.

Clean the clutter

During these festivities, a lot of home owners ensure that they get rid of the clutter in the home. So, give some space to your home that is clogged-up with stuff, which is not needed. With this simple practice you will see how much space was not being utilised well in your home and was rather occupied by redundant stuff.

Change bedroom curtains

Give your bedrooms a makeover by changing the curtains. This year use solid colours such as dark-toned reds, greens, blues, and even mustard yellow. These colours will add the brightness to your bedroom, making it look brand new.

Just kidding

Families, in order to have fun together, can involve children in activities such as painting small decorative such as vases and diyas, or using paper to create lanterns and others. Use these to decorate your home and place them in areas where they catch attention.

Light it up!

LED lights are the new illuminating option people are adopting, thanks to its energy saving capabilities. Use array of small LED lights and hang them on a bright painted wall. These can be lit with no other light in the room and there you add a fairytale effect to your room. You can also use these LED strips to decorate the Puja room and the fa├žade of your home.