How It Works

Complete Design

We make it unique for. Every project varies with the input of our customers desires and the capabilities of the structure that is to be magnificently transformed for holiday season.

Full Installation

Your holiday lighting installation is carefully engineered before we even arrive at your home. Our experienced, professional, and courteous decorators systematically install your Christmas lighting and decor with zero impact on your daily operations.

Timely Takedown And Storage

Cross the task of taking down your holiday lighting off your list! Our professional installers are also available to remove your lights. Our crew will take down and neatly pack away for quick installation the next season.

Festive Decor


Our design team welcomes the opportunity to design that perfect centerpiece for your Thanksgiving dinner table and or the pieces for your whole house.


With high end, special effects and life-size figurines were sure to give you a fright. From simple and fun to bone-chilling haunted, our designers love to bring a unique Halloween experience to fruition.

Seasonal Celebrations

Bring in seasons all year round with oversized flowers, giant picnic baskets, or large street displays and banners. Get into the great outdoors with a welcoming display designed by our design team and installed by our professional installers.

Why Us

Professional Advice

Don’t know where to get started? We go beyond just installing Christmas light displays. Our passionate team will evaluate your space and help you with a festive design.


We complete the job from start to finish. We’ll restore your space back in its former glory in no time.

Complimentary Clean-up

The last thing you want is to worry about is malfunctioning decor. We perform every part of the job carefully to make sure you are set throughout the holiday period.

About us


Juliette Dean

Head customer support and service representative

We’re a holiday decorating service and lighting custom design and installation company. We proudly specialize in servicing you making your holiday decor dreams come true. Our trained designers will work with you to create a special holiday look for your home with close attention to the details, including lighting systems. For all the holidays we offer installation/removal service for both the interior and exterior of your property.

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Indulging in luxurious lighting solutions is the best way to bring in the festive season. Spruce up the interiors of your home with bright lights to welcome guests and well-wishers. Lights provide the dual benefit of uplifting the spirit of the season and instantly enhancing the look of your home. However, the sky's the limit when it comes to decorating your home with festive lights. Opt for trendy lampshades that can be placed either on the floor or a decorative shelf if you want to maintain the tone of your existing décor. You can also play around with string lights and even tiny diyas to add that much-needed twinkle to your space.

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7 Festive Ideas To Decorate Your Home With Plants For Christmas

Give the entryway a little something extra by pairing a classic door wreath with a matching set hung from the sconces. This approach is perfect for the traditionalist who wants to up her home’s festive curb appeal without going over the top—and it can be customized in endless ways. Mix up the look with nonmatching wreaths, or try festooning the greenery with ribbons that complement the color of your front door.

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6 Holiday Season Decorating Tips To Make Your Home Achieve A Festive Look

Start off with painting your living room and dining room with a vibrant colour for this season. Do not hesitate to try a different shade. You can also do trial visuals online with brands such as Dulux and Asian Paints, which have online apps to let you visualise your room even before you apply the paint. Painting the walls is one of the best ways to give a fresh look to your home.

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